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The program is called ACCELERATED FREEFALL (AFF) because the learning process is three to five times faster than other tradtional skydiving programs; all the jumps included in this program are FREEFALL SKYDIVES.

The AFF program is taught to a national standard, and designed to provide one on one instruction for the student who is seriously interested in becoming a skydiver, similar to private skiing or tennis lessons.

The entire AFF program includes seven levels of instruction, that is made up of nine skydives, with Targeted Learning Objectives (TLO's) for each level. These TLO's must be achieved to graduate to the next level.

Durning the first three levels of AFF, students exit the aircraft with two jumpmasters holding the student's harness - as shown above -  to assist in stability and give direct instruction during the 55-60 seconds of freefall.  The last four levels are made with one jumpmaster and provide increasing freedom as the student's skills progress.

The remaining jumps needed to get your A license will be done with an instructor or a coach. You will be working on improving the skills you learned.

This program has been carefully and systematically developed over many years and is fully approved by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). All of the instructional staff here at Falcon Skydiving are certified by USPA as AFF instructors.

This program is flexible enough to be modified to meet the special needs of each student. It is not uncommon to skip or repeat a level depending on the student's individula skills.  Progression through this progam is based on the ability to perform in freefall as well as under canopy.


First jump Tandem - an introduction to freefall and canopy flight.       $185.00
     If you have done a tandem jump before, this jump is not required

Basics of Skydiving Class and 1st jump             $300.00
Levels 2-3a & 3b  (3 jumps)                             $190.00 each
Levels 4a & 4b, 5-7 (5 jumps)                         $155.00 each
                                                     TOTAL    $1645.00

Remaining jumps to A license     
Coach jumps  $90.00 each 
Solo jumps.    $60.00 each                               
If you pay for the AFF course in full, you will receive a $150.00 discount off the total cost of the course.
All gear rental is included in the price.
You will be required to join USPA by your third jump.